Typical trekking safety kit

Trekking safety kit
Safety kit includes: sun screen, hand sanitizer, zinc oxide tape, gauze dressing, compass, Swiss Army knife, whistle, aspirin, gaffer tape, head torch, tissues, space blanket, petroleum jelly, lighter

I’m as capable as the next person of making a stupid decision when I’m out trekking, so I hedge my bets by being in the habit of carrying some safety kit. This kit can be the difference between having a good trip and something that is quite unpleasant.

Below is a list of my general safety kit which I vary according to circumstance. It is all easily available and weighs in at less than 500gms.

  • Topographic map of the area – ideally 1:25,000 scale.
  • Hat – beanie hat, sun hat
  • Gloves with rubber tipped fingers for easier handling of equipment.
  • Clean, sharp Swiss army knife with scissors, bottle and tin opener attachments.
  • Hand sanitizer – minimum 60% alcohol and does not contain triclosan.
  • Compass
  • Wrist watch
  • A lighter
  • Head torch
  • Emergency space blanket (one of those plastic coated foil things)
  • Gaffer/duct tape for temporary repairs on your kit – wrap a couple of metres around a piece of card. Use the good stuff not the cheap rubbish from B&Q.
  • Whistle
  • Dustbin liner (yes, an ordinary black bin bag)
  • Tissues
  • Petroleum jelly – first line of defence against sore feet and other abrading areas. Get a pocket sized one and refill from a large pack.
  • Aspirin – the forgotten wonder drug. Reduces inflammation and thins the blood. Good for muscular and bone injury, aching limbs, bruising, mild altitude sickness (stop gaining altitude and prepare to descend at haste if the condition deteriorates). Do not use aspirin if you have a life-threatening bleed and ALWAYS SEEK PROFESSIONAL ADVICE BEFORE YOU GO.
  • Zinc oxide tape (1 inch) and some gauze wound dressing – provides a good all-purpose first aid solution and is excellent on foot wounds.
  • Factor 50 sun protection cream
  • Booster phone battery
  • Kendal Mint cake
  • Lightweight reflective vest – in case you need to walk along a road after dark or be spotted by rescuers.



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