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Size matters: How your camera sensor size affects lens performance

Camera Noir - defocussed camera body and lenses
It’s all about bokeh. OK? (See what I did there? Never mind.) Photo taken on a Fujifilm APS-C camera, crop-factor of 1.5. Taken with a 56mm lens at f/1.2.

The relationship between sensor size and lenses is often a source of confusion. So here is a quick guide that doesn’t use any complex geometry or advanced maths, just some methodical common sense. read

Typical trekking safety kit

Trekking safety kit
Safety kit includes: sun screen, hand sanitizer, zinc oxide tape, gauze dressing, compass, Swiss Army knife, whistle, aspirin, gaffer tape, head torch, tissues, space blanket, petroleum jelly, lighter

I’m as capable as the next person of making a stupid decision when I’m out trekking, so I hedge my bets by being in the habit of carrying some safety kit. This kit can be the difference between having a good trip and something that is quite unpleasant. read