About me

Still me

I’m Chris Bonney. There are others – and at least one with a scarily similar profile to me. But take no notice of them. The one in that picture above… no, down a bit… yup. That’s me.

You might be wondering why I write this blog, after all, it’s not as though I have sought out a multitudinous following across the electric ether. Honestly, I don’t really get social media. Yes, it’s a great marketing tool, and no doubt there is the occasional pearl and shared amusement with ones real friends among the drivelling minutia of other people’s bumbling lives. But why anybody would freely and willingly provide the details of their own life to marketing or security service interlopers, not to mention the occasional crook, is a mystery to me. 

So, the reason I write – well, I like to write. Some people write diaries, I write blogs. I’m just quietly scribbling away at this for my own amusement, and if by chance you are out there, having, by some quirk of the internet or perhaps a random search engine result, been led to spend a few moments of your time with me, I’m glad to have you along.

About photography; Despite doing photography off and on for a long time, I have not set out to make an income from it and so I am not constrained by the same parameters as a professional photographer. I do not mean that I am not serious about it and I have built up a reasonable depth of knowledge on the subject over the last 25 years.

Against my own expectations, my photographic interests have turned particularly to people and street photography. Even my landscape photographs are more about the people who live in it, rather than the landscape itself.

Perhaps the single biggest thing I have learned over the years is that the camera is an incorrigible liar. I take solace from the fact that photographers are natural story tellers, even if the viewer chooses to believe at face value our often carefully curated constructs.